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One Year Plan

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One Year Plan


As you prepare to begin your reading plan, decide how much time you will spend with God each day; set aside time daily on your calendars for your 'daily time' with God:


SIMPLE READ 10 MINUTES DAILY—Simply read the assigned chapters and verses daily; consider setting aside two or three minutes for reflection and prayer to compliment your readings

CONTEXTUAL READ 20 MINUTES DAILY—Read the assigned chapters and verses daily along with the commentaries in your study Bible;  consider setting aside two or three minutes for prayer to compliment your readings & reflection

CONTEXTUAL READ WITH PRAYER 30 MINUTES DAILY—Along with your reading of Scriptures and commentaries, set aside 10 minutes for prayer to offer thanksgiving, petitions, supplications, offerings and praise to God


Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you into which plan to follow and how much time to dedicate to knowing God more, and then, be disciplined and obedient in following the Word of God and the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your life.

Bible Study Groups

There is nothing like the excitement new believers discover when they sense they are surrounded by friends who care deeply for them. In fact, healthy Christian faith instills a powerful desire to be with other believers in worship, fellowship, and learning about the things of God. Meeting together offers Christians opportunities to be renewed in worship, enriched in fellowship, and challenged to explore their new faith.

But, there is an important 'next' step that offers promise for shaping and enriching your faith. Some churches call them small groups. Interestingly enough, the history of small groups goes back to Jesus and the disciples. It was John Wesley, however, who gave the world one of the most effective models of this endeavor. We cannot live as if we are alone on an island and be a Christian, since faith is always communal. 

One aspect of our faith formation is participating in spiritual accountability groups. Wesley believed that there is 'no personal holiness without social holiness.' For Wesley, living holy lives required believers to share their lives in intimate fellowship on a regular basis. His development of small groups revolutionized 18th century England and provided a framework to help people grow in 'holiness of heart and life.' Small groups provided a context in which seekers could receive support, accountability, and encouragement.

Today we live out the spirit of John Wesley’s small groups in our Bible Study Prayer Groups. We offer three different Bible study groups which are open to new members. Each week our groups gather together to read one chapter in Scriptures and discuss how the experiences of the persons in biblical times inform our experiences now—how do their experiences with God inform our experiences? There is no homework. Simply bring a Bible and come prepared to share in the discussions. See Pastor Bob or Joy if you are interested in joining one of the following Bible Study Prayer Groups, or email Pastor Bob at bob.gilberg@gmail.com, or call Pastor Bob at 916-765-7829.



Beginning in January we are launching three new Bible studies including a Wednesday afternoon gathering. In each of these groups we will be gathering around His Word, reading Scriptures together, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, going deeper in understanding our purpose within God’s wonderful creation story. More information to come…