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Eat this Book: One Year Plan with Daily Psalm

Following aspects of the traditional Jewish order in the Old Testament, this plan offers a sustainable reading pace. Each day, you’ll explore an average of four chapters, and you’ll close your time in prayer by reading a Psalm.

Select Your Own — One Year Plan

There are many reading plans available which will lead you in reading the entire Bible in one year. 

As It Happened — Chronological One Year Plan

This reading schedule will allow you to read the Bible in a year and follow the events as they occurred chronologically. Gain a better understanding of biblical events “as it happened.” 

Old & New — One Year Plan

Each day of this plan guides you through passages from both the Old and New Testaments, allowing you to see connections between the history of our faith and the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan.  

DEDICATE TIME  As you prepare to begin your reading plan, decide how much time you will spend with God each day; set aside time on your calendars for your daily time with God:

  • SIMPLE READ 10 MINUTES DAILY—Simply read the assigned chapters and verses daily; consider setting aside two or three minutes for reflection and prayer to compliment your readings


  • CONTEXTUAL READ 20 MINUTES DAILY—Read the assigned chapters and verses daily along with the commentaries in your study Bible;  consider setting aside two or three minutes for prayer to compliment your readings & reflection


  • CONTEXTUAL READ WITH PRAYER 30 MINUTES DAILY—Along with your reading of Scriptures and commentaries, set aside 10 minutes for prayer to offer thanksgiving, petitions, supplications, offerings and praise to God


Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you into which plan, Bible and time to dedicate to knowing God more, and then, be disciplined and obedient in following the Holy Spirit’s guidance in your life.

IMPORTANT! - If you consider yourself to be a ’non-reader’, then consider following one of the reading plans using an Audio Reading Plan. The YouVersion Bible App, along with resources at, provide apps in which you can listen to the Scriptures being read to you. Some say that hearing the Word of God spoken has a greater transformational effect in our lives. Be bold, stretch yourself, and try something new; you will be blessed many times over!


You are encouraged to use a Life Application Bible or a Study Bible with notes and comments to give you more context and understanding for the Scriptures as well as how to apply these teachings to your own life. The following are a few good choices for study Bibles which are available on Amazon and other online and retail locations:


Fire Bible: Modern English Version (MEV) 
The Premier Study Bible for the Spirit-Led Believer is now being made available in the Modern English Version (MEV). A reference library in one volume, this study Bible will assist those who want to deepen their understanding of the Holy Spirit and His work throughout the Scriptures. With its extensive notes and powerful commentary, along with dozens of other unique features, it is well poised to help foster the same robust faith, sincere devotion, and power demonstrated in and through the early church.
ISBN-13: ‎978-0736105033


Life Application Study Bible: New International Version (NIV) 
Study the stories and teachings of the Bible with verse-by-verse commentary. Gain wisdom from people in the Bible by exploring their accomplishments and learning from their mistakes. Survey the big picture of each book through overviews, vital statistics, outlines, and timelines, and grasp difficult concepts using in-text maps, charts, and diagrams. Impacting more than 20 million lives over 30 years, the Life Application® Study Bible is the #1–selling study Bible of our generation. 
ISBN-13: 978-0310453000


Study Bible, Large Print: English Standard Version (ESV) 

The ESV Study Bible was designed to help you understand the Bible in a deeper way. This Large Print edition features the content with a highly readable, large-print type. Extensive study notes, charts, maps, and articles make this study Bible a valuable resource for serious readers, students, and teachers of God’s Word. 240 two-color maps and illustrations. 16 full-color maps. 20,000+ study notes. 80,000+ cross–references. 200+ charts. ISBN-13: 978-1433557668



Online: Read the Bible now! Experience it from anywhere. Choose from more than 2400 Bible versions in over 1600 languages on your computer, smart phone or tablet with many available as audio Bibles. Highlight or Bookmark your favorite verses, make Verse Images that you can share, and attach public or private notes. The Bible App is completely free, with no advertising and no in-app purchases. 

You can download the YouVersion Bible App onto your Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. It is available for kids, teens and adults. The Bible App for Kids version is highly recommended for children who spend time on smart phones and tablets. The Bible App for Kids is designed specifically to engage children with Bible stories on an age-appropriate level. The Bible App for Kids is a free app for Android, Apple, and Kindle devices, available in over 60 languages, and is already installed on over 75 million unique devices all over the world. Learn more at:


The following are a few good choices for daily devotionals which are available on Amazon and other online and retail locations:


My Utmost for His Highest: Updated Language Edition 
Over the past century, Oswald Chambers’s writings have inspired countless people to drink deeply from the biblical truths that he so passionately championed. This specially designed gift edition of My Utmost for His Highest presents that beloved wisdom. Each of the 366 thought-provoking, Scripture-based meditations from Oswald Chambers triggers something in readers’ souls that leaves them forever changed. 
ISBN-13: ‎978-1627078818


A Guide to Prayer for All Who Seek God
For nearly 20 years, people have turned to the Guide to Prayer series for a daily rhythm of devotion and personal worship. Thousands appreciate the series' simple structure of daily worship, rich spiritual writings, lectionary guidelines, and poignant prayers. Each day offers guidance for an opening affirmation, a petition of prayer, and daily scripture selections. The "Readings for Reflection" include voices from recently published works. Excerpts from writers such as Frederick Buechner, Henri Nouwen, Howard Thurman, C.S. Lewis, John Wesley, and many others are arranged in weekly themes. ISBN-13: ‎978-0835809993


Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

Experience a deeper relationship with Jesus as you savor the presence of the One who understands you perfectly and loves you forever. With Scripture and personal reflections, New York Times bestselling author Sarah Young brings Jesus' message of peace—for today and every day. Jesus Calling is your yearlong guide to living a more peaceful life. More than 30 million copies sold! Written as if Jesus Himself is speaking directly to you, Jesus Calling invites you to experience peace in the presence of the Savior who is always with you.

ISBN-13: ‎978-1591451884

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